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Getting a Puppy For Christmas

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There seems to be some stigma over people getting a dog for Christmas. The well known line a dog is for life not just for Christmas always holds true but there is nothing wrong with getting your family a dog for Christmas if you understand and are prepared for the responsibilities involved. My parents brought home our first dog on Christmas day and most of the people I told would instantly tell me ‘oh but you have to look after it all the time!’. I was told by someone this year they felt uneasy getting their family a young puppy for Christmas because of what people would think. This person understands the responsibilities, would be incredibly suited to taking care of a dog but was left feeling guilty at the thought.

There is nothing wrong with getting a dog for Christmas. If you are aware of the responsibilities.  If you feel you have the time and resources to include a dog in your family and you have done your research properly then a young puppy can be a great gift for the family. If you are not certain however, then certainly do not take the gamble. It’s not worth it to put another living creatures health and happiness on the coin flip that you’ll have time to properly take care of them. Put something else under the tree and perhaps get a puppy in the future when you and your family are ready for the responsibility.

If you are unable to physically collect your new puppy before Christmas day then you could place a dog bed, toys and perhaps a picture under the tree for Christmas morning. It’s important to take your time to make sure your puppy will be safe and healthy before including them in your family. It’s also a good time to educate the rest of the family on caring for the young pup before they arrive in the house. The articles here on how to potty train a puppy should help but be sure to read and watch as much as you can, there is more than just training your puppy to worry about.

So let us forget this social stigma. If you are completely prepared then getting a puppy for Christmas can be a very rewarding experience and certainly a top gift for yourself and the rest of the family.

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