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How to Crate Train a Puppy

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One method of learning how to potty train a puppy can be starting with figuring out how to crate train a puppy. This is also known as cage puppy training but before looking at the actual methods I want to dispel a misunderstanding about puppy crates.

Some old and most new dog owners misunderstand dog crates. They think they are cruel but they are actually beneficial to both the puppy and the household. A dog worries over it’s territory (in the same way you worry about your new carpet) and by using a crate you can give your puppy a smaller area to worry about – while containing it’s destructive curiosity. A dog crate for a puppy is like a child having their own room. Somewhere for them to feel safe

Many dog trainers wouldn’t think of training a puppy without the use of a crate. during the night (or for brief excursions) your puppy can be contained within its own area while without supervision. The dog crate should not, however, be over used. Your puppy should not be kept inside the crate longer than necessary or forced into it suddenly.

A dog crate can come in many types and sizes. Your puppies crate should be large enough to be comfortable. You should place bedding and a chew or two within the cage. 

When you start to crate training a puppy you need to coax him or her into the crate. They should not be placed all of a sudden into it or they may panic. The crate should be kept near the centre of attention so the puppy does not feel isolated. They need time to get used to the idea and associate the crate as their own area.

When you start learning how to crate train a puppy you need to ensure the puppy does not solely associate the crate with being left alone. If you only use the crate at night or while you are out – the puppy will resent the crate. Use it when you are around the house (and the crate itself) but do not overuse it. It is important your puppy learns the crate is their territory but younger dogs especially should not be kept in the crate for too long.

When crate training your puppy use a command consistently such as ‘go to your bed’ and no not react to the puppy when barking or whining to get out. This will only reward the puppy to bark or whine. Instead tap the cage and use a command such as ‘be quiet’ and reward the puppy when they are quiet.

WHen your puppy is not in it’s crate – the option should be left open but do ensure small children do not crawl inside the crate.

Crate training can help keep your house in one piece and your puppy safe while without supervision. A good time to learn how to crate train your puppy is while you start on how to litter train your puppy.

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