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How to Potty Train a Puppy at Night

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Because most of the puppy potty training guides around always mention how important it is to keep an eye on a young puppy and watch for signs they need to go out – many people ask about puppy potty training at night. Considering when you’re asleep you can’t take the puppy outdoors frequently or watch for signs they need to go out – you need to have a plan ready.

How to Potty Train a Puppy at Night

Basically you are going to have to acccept there are going to be accidents no matter what you really do. Puppies have small bladders and little to no control over them. Even a perfectly trained puppy is going to have the odd accident from time to time.

The main thing people turn to when potty training at night are crates or cages. Now crate training a puppy certainly has it’s advantages, and in some situations it’s perfect, but it can train the puppy bad habits. Namely, that it’s ok to use their sleeping area as a potty area. You want these as separate as possible in the dogs mind. And since training a puppy involves teaching by rote and repetition bad habits need to be avoided like the plague. It is a possibility but not a great one. Paper training is a little better, but still has the long term problems of having to change what you’ve taught them. Buying a potty for the puppy is really the same thing as paper training. It’ll work – but when you want them to use outdoors you’re teaching them bad habits earlier on.

The best thing you can do is take your puppy to their set potty area outside right before you go to bed and make sure they do their business. Don’t feed them within the hour before bedtime and leave just a little bit of water (make sure to fill this up first thing in the morning). Avoid introducing any new exciting people or changes in the hour or so before going to bed – this will help from getting your young pup excited.

Other than that, you can at least limit the damage. While locking them in a small area should be avoided you could close a door or two and avoid the floors with carpets or expensive rugs for example. If you’re going to do this way make sure your puppies sleeping area is somewhere you’ll be leaving open. This is a good reason not to let your puppy sleep on the sofa, at least until you know how to potty train a puppy.

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