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How to Potty Train a Puppy While at Work

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Now before we look at how to potty train a puppy while at work, I want to remind you that unless you have the spare time to give to a puppy then perhaps its not the right time to get a dog. Thats not to say that just because you have a job, you shouldn’t have a dog, but make sure you have enough hours in the day to make them part of your life.

Learning how to potty train a puppy is much like learning how to potty train a puppy at night. You need to preempt your puppies needs and, especially, his or her poor bladder control. No matter how well trained your young puppy is, for he first few months there is going to be accidents and you’ll come home from work to clean up the rug. There are a few things you can to do make it easier on yourself.

First of all, young puppies need to go to the potty often after eating or drinking. Now you should leave at least some fresh water for your pup while you are gone for a few hours throughout the day but carefully timing (not skipping!) your puppies feeding times van make it easier. Get up earlier in the morning by at least half an hour or so (yes, you won’t like it but it’s preferable to buying a new rug) so you can feed your puppy. Then start preparing yourself for work and take your puppy to it’s potty area for it’s usual potty commands.

Now this is a little beyond the scope of potty training a puppy, but when it comes to feeding a puppy immediately before and after leaving the house you may inadvertently train your young pup to worry about members of the household when they are nit within the house. This can be avoided by paying no attention to the pup for a minute or two before and after leaving and reentering the house. If you don’t make a big deal of leaving, why should they?

Now you’ve limited what accidents you can, the next part when looking at how to potty train a puppy while at work is limiting your puppies exposure to the household. Many people give their dogs free reign to their household why they are in. With a house trained dog you can leave your dog free reign even when you are out. But when it comes to a curious puppy with a weak bladder you want to limit what they can get into to avoiding hurting themselves and damaging the household.

Now paper training or cage training is an option if you do it properly but I don’t think you need to go that far. Neither is a cruel practice (although cage training sounds mean because of it’s name) unless you want to stick with these methods you are teaching your puppy bad kong term habits which you will need to retrain from. When I first considered how to potty train a puppy while at work I closed off all but three rooms. I gave access to the kitchen, hall and guest room because they had tiling or wooden floors. This made it easy to clean while still giving the puppy fairly free roam over the household when it was at work.

Keep in mind your puppy will usually stress when first left alone, so if nobody else is in the house make sure you give your puppy short periods of being alone (extending them longer and longer) before leaving for w full day of work. Learning how to potty train s puppy while at work is as easy as planning ahead!

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