Puppies and Electronics

I’ve said more than a few times in the past puppies do more damage than some people realize. It’s not that they’re malicious or have anything against your household but their curiosity is second only to their excitement when they find something fun. Which is why you need to be careful what you leave in reach of your puppy and you might well be surprised what counts as ‘in reach’ when they’re that determined. So the obvious start is to start clearing anything (and I mean anything) which could be harmful. Don’t rely on cupboard doors they can be easily opened by an adventurous pup so pick up some childproof locks for the kitchen cupboards etc…

Make sure any cleaning materials are kept well out of reach and then look for the less obvious stuff. For example we recently had a pup in the flat and we’d thought we’d covered up everything he could get his paws on. We left nothing dangerous to him lying around but turns out this little one had a taste for wires. Now we’d preempted this and kept all the mains wires covered up but he got into the Ethernet cables we had along the walls. This is easily remedied these days by setting up a wireless network for your internet. If the signal won’t reach properly then you could use a WiFi repeater (as we did) which boosts your signal without the need for wires. This worked for us, just make sure you put it out of reach. Some plug directly into the wall and prevent a tempting (and dangerous) chew target. So cover that up or use one which can be placed on something high.

A wireless network is not the end of your electronics problem. Say goodbye to messy wiring because if your pup gets in and starts chewing that… well let’s just avoid that issue coming up shall we. There are sprays you can cover the wires with but I don’t really think they work to be honest. Cover as much as you can and whatever has to be sitting out should be covered by some pcv piping and don’t give the pup open access to it with nobody watching. Give them long enough they’d still get through the piping but it would take them a while so you’d notice them on it. If you catch them chewing on the wires follow the same principles to distract them with something as you would with any housebreaking. When you’re not in then use a dog crate to prevent them from wrecking your house, electronics and hurting themselves.

As well as the wires you need to look for anything they could knock over on themselves or damage. So CD players sitting near the edge of a table or something. Go room by room and you’ll need to be really creative with what you expect from the puppy and they’ll probably still manage to surprise you. You should start doing this kind of thing before bringing the puppy home. Get yourself a wireless network setup and a wireless repeater (you might also see them called wireless range extender but they’re the same thing really) and cover up your wires with PCV pipes. Unplug everything which doesn’t need to be plugged in and don’t give them free roam access to any wires.

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