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Puppies and fireworks

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So today is November fourth which means tomorrow night will be bonfire night which makes it a good time to discuss what to do with puppies and fireworks. It may not relate greatly to how to potty train a puppy but it’s good to know and now is the time to know it.

There are two things I’d like to touch on. The first is your puppies likely fear of fireworks and how to deal with it and the other is safety for your puppy in the event you’re using any yourself.

Puppies and fireworks don’t mix. If you’re setting off your own or going to a communal display lock your puppy safely indoors. You may want to make sure to leave a distraction or two. Some leave the TV playing for the sound of voices in the background. or new chew for example.

It is very likely that your puppy will be scared by the noise of fireworks outside. It is important that you act normal around him or her when fireworks are going off. If the puppy see’s you acting normally then they will associate the noises as normal after a while. Play with them but taking them outdoors is not a good idea. If you really have too then do so with a lead on even if the puppy usually walks beside you without one. Puppies may take off if a firework goes off overhead.

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