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Puppies Playing in Snow

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Tis the season so I thought I’d put a quick post regarding puppies playing in the snow. Some people tend to worry about them becoming sick and keep their dogs mostly indoors during snow. My own dogs and every dog I have ever watched loves the snow. From chasing endless snowballs to just running around in it I don’t think I could find anything in a pet shop which would delight them more than playing in snow.

Bear in mind that younger puppies need to be kept warm and it’s usually not a good idea to bring them outdoors in the snow any longer than a potty break. If your puppy still seems to enjoy the snow you might consider bringing a little bit indoors in a box or something so they can play with it without actually being exposed to the cold.

From a safety stand point there are a few things I would keep in mind though. Your puppy won’t be able to see any holes covered in snow any better than you will. It’s better to take them to an area you feel comfortable with to avoid any injury. Keep in mind gardening tools or broken glass may very well be covered up by snow as well. If your puppy is obviously too cold then scoop them up and return indoors. If you want to return to the snow yourself do so when your puppy is safely warm inside.

When you return indoors make sure to towel dry your puppy properly before giving them roam. This keeps your house dry and your puppy warm and healthy.

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